We offer a wide range of turnkey services for energy, industrial and chemical areas, from basic maintenance to more demanding repairs or modifications, installation, welding, wiring, measurement and control, IT services, scaffolding installation, painting or insulation.

In addition to offering services and experienced staff, we also offer supplies of materials. We specialize in the supply of IT and accessories, as well as the supply of steel products. For specific requirements, do not hesitate to contact us and we will prepare a turnkey price offer for you without obligation.

ASSEMBLY - If you need a one-time repair, service or assembly for your industrial or chemical company, we are able to send you a technician who will prepare an offer for you and then provide a team of experienced workers as needed. We will prepare all these works for you on a turnkey basis.

ELECTRICAL AND MEASUREMENT AND REGULATION - within the offer of complete services, we are able to provide a team of experienced workers in the field of electrical for both high and low current, as well as the supply and installation of equipment for measurement and control. In the case of requirements, we are able to provide design activities in this field and thus design a turnkey solution again.

MAINTENANCE - In your industrial or chemical complex or company, we are able to provide permanent service according to specific requirements with the help of qualified workers, professional equipment and compliance with all safety requirements. We provide everything directly on a turnkey basis without your worries. We guarantee the quality of the services we provide and a professional approach.

COATINGS - Our team of experienced painters in the chemical industry is at your disposal. We offer the possibility of manual cleaning before painting, or dry or wet blasting according to the need for surface preparation. Paint suppliers have been proven in this field for years and provide high quality and long warranties. We will prepare everything for you again on a turnkey basis.

SCAFFOLDING - for assembly, service or insulation services, we are also able to provide a complete solution in the form of scaffolding work, so that the package of our services in industry is complete.

INSTALLATIONS OF INTERNAL FLOATING ROOFS - We provide installation of internal, mostly aluminum floating roofs in tanks for chemical products such as diesel, aviation fuel, or others. Our team has many years of experience in this field. Just contact us and we will prepare a non-binding price offer for you.

IT SERVICES - This field is quite new for us, but we also have contacts for technicians who are able to provide you with professional services. However, we already have excellent experience in the supply of technology, ie PCs, printers, servers and other accessories. Again, we are able to provide you with turnkey services and training.

The implementation of all services is turnkey, based on your request, a representative of our company will contact you, who will discuss the requirements with you and subsequently prepare a price offer, or organize a team of experienced workers.


2021 Gent / Belgium - Gent Tank Storage - paintings and maintenace, tanks and pipes

2021 Gent / Belgium - Max Terminal - instalation of internal floating roofs

2021 Ingolstadt / Germany - instalation of internal floating roofs for Bayern Oil

2021 Frankfurt / Germany - instalation of internal floating roofs

2021 Gent / Belgium - maintenance in KKT (tank terminal)

2021 Počerady / Czech republic - cleaning of steam turbine - rotor part

2022 JE Temelín / Czech republic - cooperation with ECOL INDUSTRIAL, cleaning of condensuers for nuclear powerplant Temelín, both blocks

2022 Gent / Belgium - GTS repair paintings of old tanks

2022 Zvolen / Slovakia - cooperation with EKOMT, assembly of new boiler

2022 Kolín / Czechrepublic - cooperation with EKOMT, regeneration of boiler in Veolia Kolín

2022 Tušimice / Czech republic - cooperation with ECOL sp.z o.o., cleaning and flushing of oil system in Tušimice Powerplant TG 21 and TG22

2022 Bremen / Germany - cooperation with EKOMT, pipe works and boiler assembly in Bremen

2023 Burghousen / Germany - repair of sealing for ELSONT internal floating roofs